Never the Same

Thought I'd do a little behind the scenes/process look of a recent artwork project. As a communications designer, I'm always keen to try new mediums and techniques that can be done in the physical first and then digitally enhance it.

This artwork project is called "Never the Same" and simply expresses the concept of transition/change in a individual's life.

After getting in contact with some people I thought would work well as models for this project, the purchase of some green face paint (I'll explain why it was green below) and organising to borrow a white background and lights, the project was underway.

See some test photos below.

The green paint gave me the option of easily changing the colour afterwards, as the colour works kind of like a green screen because it is furthest colour contained in skin tones. Below you can see the colour work I made, changing the highlights in the green to a skin tone colour, the midtowns to light blue/aqua and the dark tones to a deep blue. These changes also emphasised the cracks in the paint, which helps the viewer realise this is not just all digital work.

I like to give the client options, if time and budget allows it. Below are some of the artwork options, ending with what was selected by the client.

If you have any questions or are after artwork for your organisation, feel free to get in contact.

Models: Kristy Donnelly, Josiah Marsh, Tiffany Chavez.
Facepaint: Sarah Walsingham, James Barr.