Seven Favourites: Commercials

Here are seven of my favourite television commercials. Wait around for the last one... it would have to be my favourite.

1. Chipotle

What I like:
• The unsettling cover of the song "Pure Imagination" by Fiona Apple.
• The shot of chilli when the scarecrow goes to his home, our first strong visual link to the brand.
• The story and brand message of cultivating a better world through the choices we make around what food we consume.
• It's link to the app at the end.

2. Apple

What I like:
• The story.
• The family feels.
• How the product is shown for it's emotional connection rather than its tech specs.

3. Coca-Cola

What I like:
• The production design and the colours that tie into the new product.
• The family feels and music.
• Coke being portrayed as a character in the family's life; always present in their life.

4. Ram Trucks

What I like:
• It's visual simplicity.
• The product's incorporation is subtle.
* Although it's about farming, it's link to hard work resonates with many people, ending with the tag "to the farmer in all of us".

5. Nike

Nike is known for it's powerful ads but this one is my favourite because it was part of a campaign where the marketers used real life stories of women. You can find more about this in the documentary "Art & Copy".

What I like:
• The simplicity.
• The powerful statements.

6. John Lewis

What I like:
• It's cute.
• So many feels.

7. Extra Gum

What I like:
• The story created around the product: who knew gum wrappers could be so romantic?!
• The cover of the song "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Haley Reinhart.

I think I need to buy some gum ;)


These commercials are powerful because they either tell a story or come from real life experiences. What are some of your favourite commercials? Post a link of some of your favourite commercials below.