Talking Rooms

Idea: Our environments (in this example, our bedrooms) do not just represent what we like or who we are, but "talk" to us (express) about who we would ideally like to be. 

Let's explore this idea by going through three bedrooms (mine and my two sister's bedrooms).

Firstly my bedroom:

As you can see, my room has a lot of straight, square and clean lines. Everything has it's place. It's not that I find this particularly attractive, but I am drawn to this because it holds characteristics I personally want to embody — order and stability, a reaction to the chaos of life.

Secondly Jayde's Room (First sister).

Jayde's room is an escape from modern day life  — our increasing relationship with avatars, plastic and glass. It expresses her desire to "get back to nature". It's lack of order is a response to the structure and repetition of the everyday. 

Thirdly Kaitlyn's Room (second sister):

Kaitlyn's room has a lot of florals, punctuated with crisp white surfaces. The room speaks of peace and tries to rebalance Kaitlyn's anxious self. The room is an expression of who she ideally wants to be; peaceful.

If we are products of our environment, then we must shape our environments to help rebalance us to who we wish to ideally be.