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Infinity Church is a multi location church in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Newspaper Advertisement design for Tasmania's largest bus service. The advertisement was a part of Metro's Greencard bus pass campaign.

Brand name and Logo design for Indigo Spearfishing Apparel.

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Logo and campaign design work for International Network of Churches charity initiative Ride to Provide.
In 2015, Ride to Provide happened in Australia and South America.

Photos by Peter Pilt. For more information about Ride to Provide visit

After the success of their first EP "Anchored to You", Elevation Youth embarked on their second music project "New Start", released in January 2016.

Art and Lighting Direction - Christopher Campbell.
Audio Engineer - Aaron Quathamer.
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Video Director - Jake Lawlor.

GOVS is what happens when songwriter/producer Josiah Birrell spends time with the musical instruments he's had since high school, his laptop and some headphones. Magic happens.

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"After hearing Chris’ speak at a conference on branding and environment design, I decided to contact him and discuss Daybreak Church's vision. From our first conversation Chris was painting a clear picture of what my heart was trying to express, the entire process was very collaborative as Chris offered several proposals that expressed our vision. I was then able to take those designs and discuss them with my team. Chris welcomed all our feedback positively and explained any limitations or advantages of what we were building. The final product was better than I had imagined and the brand book that he provided is clear for all stakeholders and brings me confidence that our identity will be communicated clearly and consistently every time. Thank You Chris."
- Marcus McDonnell, Lead Pastor, Daybreak Church

International Network of Churches National Conference at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

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